Cecilia Dougherty

The image above is of a 3-story mural of Biggie Small at 1091 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. This mural is astonishing in its height, boldness, beauty, and in its Bed-Stuy setting. It was going to be painted over but has been saved. A story about it here.


video still, EILEEN, by Cecilia Dougherty
Video still from EILEEN, by Cecilia Dougherty

Cecilia Dougherty, artist, writer

Cecilia Dougherty is an artist working in video and photography based in New York. She has been making experimental videos since 1985, and her themes have been largely about psychology, language, sexuality, outsider interpretations of popular culture, and everyday life.

Her videos have screened extensively in the US and abroad, currently installed in  a three-month exhibition entitled WayBay at the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive, and most recently her works have screened at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco as part of Communal Presence: New Narrative Writing.

In 2015, her piece Grapefruit screened in a series titled  “Art of the Real” at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, NY,  and also in “History of Sexuality” at the New Museum, NY. In that year, she was featured in the “Time/Image” show at the Blaffer Art Museum, Houston as well. Other venues presenting her work in previous years include the New York Film Festival, the Whitney Museum of American Art, Light Industry, Microscope Gallery, Anthology Film Archives, Irish Film Center, Dublin, the Wexner Center, Columbus, Ohio, among others.

LOOP FOREVER animated gif
animated gif by Cecilia Dougherty for, 2017

Cecilia Dougherty’s work in moving image extends to animations for iPod and multi-channel video installations, and works created for online browsers.  An ongoing project is a collaboration with David Dasharath Kalal, called In-Between Theories, at,  that examines the speed of individual and group realization and action against the speed of theoretical discourse. The project has a curatorial aspect as well, which is reflected in the Projects section of the site. Our current commission is work by the artist Luba Drozd, called longcat.

She is a writer as well, and her first book, The Irreducible I: Space, Place, Authenticity, and Change  was published in 2013 by Atropos Press.  The Irreducible I is based on research into the politics of space and place, specifically a search for ways to find authentic experiences free from the over-reach of corporate culture and pandemic consumerism. 

The Irreducible I: Space, Place, Authenticity, and Change by Cecilia Dougherty

The Irreducible I: Space, Place, Authenticity, and Change by Cecilia Dougherty, Atropos Press, 2013