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I took the header photo for this page at a walkway on the 2nd level of the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. I love this photo, I love what it says about the complexity of a place, about what a place is, and what the beauty of a place is. Is this place beautiful? To me, yes, because in one image I can see the infrastructure of transit.

Drift  (2020) is an HTML/CSS-based story set in March 2020. It’s about the coming of the pandemic, which we are still in the midst of, and about what it means to be living through it here in the USA, in New York City, and most specifically in Staten Island.

image of EO Mall, Staten Island, from a web-based art piece about the COVID-19 pandemic
At the Empire Outlets Mall, St. George, Staten Island, just as the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to hit us hard.

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