In Conversation: an online event about the early works (1985-2001) of Cecilia Dougherty.

I want to thank Gina Marchetti for organizing this event, and Amanda Mendelsohn for her amazing work, for writing about my videos, and for doing this event with me.

We had a really good time! Thanks to everyone who came and who participated.

This event has been recorded! Here’s a link to the event:

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The work of artist Cecilia Dougherty  explores the nature of queer women’s relationships to one another, society, and the everyday, as well as a feminist analysis of lesbian sexuality, psychologies, and intimacies inside a culture that is, at best, indifferent and at worst, hostile. She often uses methodologies borrowed from documentary and biography to map contemporary realities over pop-historical icons, creating art that deals with nostalgia, popular culture, and the state of society. Looking to Dougherty’s lasting legacy, we are pleased to present the lecture “Make Believe, It’s Just like the Truth Clings to It”: In Conversation with the Work of Cecilia Dougherty given by Amanda Mendelsohn, Graduate Distribution Assistant at the Video Data Bank, and School of the Art Institute of Chicago M.A. candidate in Modern and Contemporary Art History.

Exploring the earlier video works of Dougherty, this talk will address issues of identity, queerness, and experimentation. The four titles discussed, The Drama of the Gifted Child, My Failure to Assimilate,  The dream and the waking, and  Gone, range from 1992 to 2001, illuminating a specific time period of Dougherty’s work. Based on their VDBTV essay in part drawn from their interview with Dougherty, Mendelsohn explores their relationship to Dougherty’s experimental practice and catalog, as well as how the pieces fit into the broader picture of analysis. The lecture will be followed by an interview between Mendelsohn and Dougherty, then followed by an audience Q&A session. 

“Make Believe, It’s Just like the Truth Clings to It”:

In Conversation with the Work of Cecilia DoughertyMonday, February 27, 2023, 7:00pm (EST)

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10 Replies to “In Conversation: an online event about the early works (1985-2001) of Cecilia Dougherty.”

  1. I am not sure if it is only me, but I cannot view the Zoom recording. Could it be hosted on your Vimeo or another location. Thanks

      1. Thank you, that was an illuminating and a wonderful program. The narration and the curation by Amanda, was inspiring and served to elevate your already breathtaking filmaking and commentary. As you mentioned, Amanda comes across as smart ,funny and kind and their artistic expression while still nascent and sometimes combative has me truly believing that society is amenable to ones will and message. I have only recently begun acclimitizng with the community and I have hope for the future with leaders like you and Amanda.

        1. Wow, Jennifer. Thanks for watching the event. I’m totally excited by your response. Yes, Amanda is really good at what she does. We learned a lot from each other, that is the truth.

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      The link is weird – it works but you have to have a zoom account. the link opens zoom, and then you log into zoom and it asks for the passcode, which is provided on my site along with the link.
      i’m sorry for the difficulty! I think it’s hard to get in because the link is from Pratt Institute. Others have had the same problem and I had that problem, too, until I realized that you have to log into zoom to use the link.

    2. Hi Fiona,
      The link works but you have to sign into a zoom account to get to the event. And it should then ask for the passcode, which I’ve provided with the link. It’s more complicated than it should be – it was set up by Pratt Institute and they require going into zoom to access the recording. I’m sorry you had trouble! I hope you can try again.

    3. Ok. I hear you. I’ll contact my Department at Pratt and tell them the link doesn’t work.
      I’m sorry!

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